May 27, 2014

Anime North 2014

Kevin and I selling at Anime North 2014

Hi everyone!

How did your AN weekend go? Did you go to panels, bought WAY too much stuff and partied hard at the rave? If so, that's practically what I did too!

After going to AN for 6 years, I actually got to do something completely different this year. For the first time in my life, I gained the opportunity to sell my artwork at the convention. I would like to thank everyone who came by the Cafe Delish 2014 table and supported my artwork. It has inspired me to keep working harder and make much more for the upcoming convention called Atomic Lollipop.

Based on advices from experienced art vendors, I was told not to keep my expectations too high. There's nothing wrong to dream big, just try to be more practical and realistic. Since I was only selling for a day, I played it safe by just making enough merchandise for that one day. My ultimate goal was to at least earn enough money to cover my hotel and print expenses. Surprisingly, by the end of it, I earned enough money to even cover my starting costs! That was something I definitely did not expect at all.

It was quite hard for my friends to take a picture of my table due to the back light, but here's my set up! I admit it's not that great like the ones at Comic Market. However, after visiting the artist alley, I learned better ways to use my grid squares and present my work that I will use for next time.

By the way, I wouldn't have been successful if it wasn't for my brother's help. His name is Kevin Agoncillo and goes by the art name called "Digital Ripple". You can check out his amazing work here: Digital Ripple Art

So thanks again for the support. I'm currently working on art for Art in the Open and Atomic Lollipop. I will keep you all posted on what's happening for those two events.



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