June 30, 2014

Adventure Time

by Heather Q. Agoncillo
Who's your favourite Adventure Time character?

June 22, 2014

Art in the Open

Hi everyone!

From June to October, every Saturday (7am - 1pm), Kevin and I will be selling artwork at Art in the Open. It takes place at Garden Square in Brampton, so be sure to visit us! 

Every week we have been creating new artwork to sell at the show. We really enjoy and appreciate those who came over to visit our booth. Initially we wanted to host workshops, but unfortunately the BAC didn't approve. However, not to worry. I will be doing live painting demos real soon.


June 4, 2014

Noah Bradley's Art Camp

Got fantastic news! It has been one of my goals this year to enroll to Noah Bradley's Art Camp 1 & 2, and finally I did. This man (along with Chris Oatley) has changed my life and made me view the life of a freelance artist in a different light. During my darkest days, their inspirational words have pushed me to do things I wouldn't have done before. If you want to improve your art, I highly recommend you join this Art Camp with me!

For the service he offers, the money I spent for this experience is definitely worth it. It's just a week of my pay for 6 months of intense art improvement. You can check out the details of this camp here: Noah's Art Camp

On another hand, this is Chris Oatley! He also offers online education called "The Magic Box" which I really want to join so badly right after I finish with Noah's. You could subscribe to his newsletter. It's something I always look forward to in my email because he discusses a variety of interesting topics that are incredibly helpful. You can check out his stuff here: Chris Oatley

I'm so grateful for what these men do to help artists out such as myself. Here are a few interesting interviews/talks to listen to while you work on your own art. Enjoy!

"Hacking Art Education & Building a Body of Work" 

"The Death of Freelance Illustration and Why We Quit Our Dream Jobs"

"The Realities of Being a Professional Artist"