November 8, 2016

WIP Nami & Jinx

Nami (Support) and Jinx (ADC) are my favourite characters to play in League of Legends and I wanted to see them hanging out together. Originally I never thought of adding Vi to the piece but when I noticed there's an awkward empty space beside Nami, thought it would be great to add in a bit of humor! Here's Nami totally getting on Jinx's good side.

Can't wait to colour this in! So say tuned for the update!

November 6, 2016

High School Vampire

Here's my first submission to the Character Design Challenge. Theme of the month is #vampire so I decided to take a spin on the typical anime school girl who's late for school with bread in her mouth. However, of course instead of bread, BLOOD!

November 4, 2016

Showdown Gaming Cafe

New logo I created for Showdown Gaming Cafe. They host gaming events, scheduling tournaments, and running games all presented by De Code Adventures. Check out and join the group here: FB PAGE