February 5, 2018

Meet the Artist

"What's in the Bag?"
Ever since I joined Instagram, I never got the chance to introduce myself! Where are my manners? Well, I'm Heather Agoncillo, a Canadian Illustrator. Currently work as a Graphic Designer, Marketer and Room Escape Developer at De Code Adventures for about 3 years now. I get to work on a lot of things, so there's never a dull moment!

Well, besides getting a lot of free guava candies from restaurants, I don't think I have anything weird in my bag. I've been reading "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Bleep" and it has a few interesting concepts, which I'm trying to wrap my head around. Anyway, here's part one to my "Meet the Artist" series, there's more to come.

January 30, 2018

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

๐Ÿ’Cherry’s freakin’ adorable! I just had to draw her.๐Ÿ’• I plan on making a couple more drawings of other villagers that are currently hanging out in my camp. Follow me on my Instagram to get instant update on my latest stuff: @hqagoncillo 

January 25, 2018

Art Process - From Sketch to Final

When I originally sketched this piece, I was in a dark place. I suffered from depression and the only thing that kept me sane was drawing about how I felt. Not long after this, I’ve finally sought help and when I came back to finish this piece months later, it evolved into something different. ๐Ÿฆ‹

January 19, 2018

Steven Universe Commission


Had tons of fun drawing this up for a dear friend of mine! She requested to have her and Jasper together in a gym setting. Since, I know she loves this character so much, I had to put them in a 'hot' situation. I also added the other characters in the background as a special surprise! :D  

December 31, 2017

Instagram - Best Nine 2017

I've finally jumped into Instagram back in June 2017! Thank you for all the support so far. I'm excited to make more work for next year. Follow me on my Instagram to get instant update on my latest stuff: @hqagoncillo

December 25, 2017

December 10, 2017

Nobody Knows

"If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else?" - Rupaul
Made a little drawing to accompany my friend's Christmas present. He always make this weird pose with his foot and it cracks me up all the time, so I just had to draw it!