February 17, 2016

Dragon Slayer Hecarim

James love dragon themed anything so he requested to have one for Hecarim, a League of Legends character. I decided to put my on spin on his design so here's DRAGON SLAYER HECARIM! Enjoy.

February 10, 2016

The Painting Process

Here's a time lapse of me painting my wedding outfit in my garage. You'll probably notice my dad doing some gardening work and my mum helping me paint some armour beside me. Read my post "The Wedding Outfit" to learn more about my process. Enjoy the short clip.

The Wedding Outfit

James and I never wanted a conventional wedding. We wanted something that resonated with our geeky lifestyle so we decided to go with a Medieval Fantasy theme. When I tried explaining that to my parents, they were slightly confused but I'm glad that they respected our life choices. Here are only some of sketches I came up with. The outfit actually took months of planning and researching.

Coming up with the outfit was the hardest thing to do. I never made a cosplay this intricate and complicated before, and since this is for my wedding, I had to make sure I looked bad ass. Many cosplayers used Worbla to make their amazing cosplays so I decided to try it. I had a whole year to figure it out! For those who don't know what worbla is, it is a thermal plastic material that can be warped to whatever you desire when heated with a heat gun. When it cools down, it will stay in that form. Before I started making anything, I made sure I did my research. I watched a bunch of tutorials online and bought all of Kamui's PDF books. When I started the project, it was actually really fun and easy to do. I manged to complete a lot in just a matter of days. Here's what the outfit looked like before I primed and painted it.

I never wanted to walk down the aisle simply in a white dress like some princess waiting to be saved. I wanted to be a powerful Elven warrior who would walk alongside my most trusted ally, my future husband. Since he was wearing armour, why couldn't I? At the time, I wasn't sure if I was going to have a wedding dress. When I went around looking for one, I couldn't believe how ridiculously expensive they were and there's people out there willing to spend that much. So I decided to take the risky route and ordered mine online through JJsHouse and hoped for the best. Thankfully all went well and just for under $500 (after customs), I got the dress altered to fit my exact size, the headpiece, the garter plus shipping. It was perfect.

The wedding theme colours were red and blue and it was based on the idea of health and mana. James' side represented the red/gold side while my side represented the blue/silver side. It's because of this idea we thought health and mana potions would be awesome as party favours. It was really cheap to put together. All the components apart from the symbols all came from the Dollar store such as the bottles, tags, ribbons, red glitter glue and men's blue shampoo. No worries, I warned people not to actually drink the contents.
Chantal Fernandez, my maid of honor, made these beautiful handmade origami bouquets for me and my bridesmaids. I never liked real flowers because they never last. Now I have a bouquet that will last forever.
Makeup by Kimberlee Morrison. Love how she managed to incorporate the Elven ears with tape.