June 4, 2014

Noah Bradley's Art Camp

Got fantastic news! It has been one of my goals this year to enroll to Noah Bradley's Art Camp 1 & 2, and finally I did. This man (along with Chris Oatley) has changed my life and made me view the life of a freelance artist in a different light. During my darkest days, their inspirational words have pushed me to do things I wouldn't have done before. If you want to improve your art, I highly recommend you join this Art Camp with me!

For the service he offers, the money I spent for this experience is definitely worth it. It's just a week of my pay for 6 months of intense art improvement. You can check out the details of this camp here: Noah's Art Camp

On another hand, this is Chris Oatley! He also offers online education called "The Magic Box" which I really want to join so badly right after I finish with Noah's. You could subscribe to his newsletter. It's something I always look forward to in my email because he discusses a variety of interesting topics that are incredibly helpful. You can check out his stuff here: Chris Oatley

I'm so grateful for what these men do to help artists out such as myself. Here are a few interesting interviews/talks to listen to while you work on your own art. Enjoy!

"Hacking Art Education & Building a Body of Work" 

"The Death of Freelance Illustration and Why We Quit Our Dream Jobs"

"The Realities of Being a Professional Artist"

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