July 28, 2013


For the past three months, I've been commuting to Toronto for work which takes bleeding 4 hrs of my day!  Since I hate the idea of wasting time, I started sketchbooking again when I'm on the train. Although I've never been the type of artist to keep a sketchbook, I know a lot of artists have recommended it. It's an artist playground where you can vent out your creativity and just feel free to draw absolutely anything. But I always find the first page of the sketchbook to be intimidating, I have no idea what I want to draw, and what happens if I mess something up and people are going to see it.

Have you ever felt that way towards a sketchbook before? Well, what helped me get over that obstacle is to write down what I want to achieve in the sketchbook and what kind of things I'd like to practice drawing on the first page. It gives me a direction to work on and removes that fear of not drawing. If one of the drawings I made was not good enough, I don't rip it out of my sketchbook. It's just a reminder that I should do better next time.