April 19, 2019

International Fan Fest 2019

Woo! Had fun exhibiting at International Fan Fest at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. Although it's a baby con, it was great to experience to see what it's like to exhibit for three days.

Big shout out to my hubby James, for helping and accompanying me! He helped me figure a neat way to display my pins using frames, felt, hooks and velcro. We spent the night before preparing everything and didn't get much sleep.

It was an honor to sit next to an awesome art neighbor, Drencielos, who was so kind to share his experience of what it's like to do this full-time. Check out his work and send him your love: @drencielos

Thanks for those who came by and also supported my work! I super appreciate it. I plan on going to more cons this year so keep an eye for any updates on my instagram: @hqagoncillo