April 21, 2013

Sheridan Illustration 2013 Grad Show


The Sheridan Illustration 2013 grad show was a blast! I was told 800 people visited the opening night so that was awesome. After all the stress and hard work, it was great to finally relax with everyone at the show and celebrate the sweat and tears of our creations.

On another note, I would like to congratulate the artists who won the awards that night. They've done amazing work.  Even though I didn't get to win anything, I received great feedback from my professors that my work made an impression on the judges and apparently, they've been calling me "The Buddha Girl" so that was strange and interesting! Knowing that gave me the motivation and inspiration to work even harder and I shall not be defeated again! Har har!

Well.. it's amazing how quickly time flies. These past four years at Sheridan have been an incredible journey and I'm glad to have met awesome talented peers and professors who have inspired, taught and helped me develop as an artist. I would like to thank my friends, family and fiancée for supporting me and coming out to visit the art show. I would also like to congratulate all 2013 ILLUSTRATION graduates for putting up an amazing show. I've been blown away by the work I've seen and I'm so proud with everybody's development and improvement! I wish you all the best with your future careers and I hope we stay in touch, supportive and connected with each other.

Sheridan Illustration 2013 Grad Show
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April 17, 2013

Sheridan Illustration

The Sheridan Illustration website is finally up and running. 
It features up to 80 awesome aspiring artists of 2013. 
I was surprised to find one of my works featured on the main page so that's pretty cool. 

April 12, 2013

Yay! Promotions!

Boy! Buying promotions can sure be pricey. I ordered 250 mailers and 250 business cards from Oakville Blueprinting for the upcoming grad show and it rounded up to about $134. I feel like a legit business person now that I got my own business card! It feels awesome.

Frankly, these past few days have been pretty insane. Since I haven't been exactly eating or sleeping well lately, I've gotten myself sick for 2 weeks. Despite of this, I was determined to finish my thesis on time and not be hindered by it.  

April 1, 2013


What Hallucinations Reveal About Our Mind
Droids Taking Over Our Jobs Is a Good Thing
Deaths Having Less Impact To Our Environment

For the first half of the semester, I wanted to challenge myself and explore something new by drawing editorial pieces based on TED TALK videos for my thesis project. Initially I thought it was a great idea because I enjoy watching TED TALKS. Wouldn't it be fun project to draw illustrations based on people's thoughts and discoveries? Yes, it was fun at first however at the time, I did not fully understand how editorial pieces worked. For this reason, I couldn't get inspired or motivated to draw anything for this project. It was horrible.

What completely screwed me up, for the first half of my fourth year, was the fear of screwing up. That fear hindered me from drawing pieces for my thesis but for some odd reason, I was completely fine and up to speed with all my other assignments from my other classes. My thesis was the only thing giving me problems. By the end of the semester, my class had to bring in all their work in for a group critique. Sadly, I barely had anything... just four pieces of artwork which was absolutely depressing.

However despite of that, something changed me that day. When I compared my work to my peers, they were doing something that they were excited about. The spark and the fun I saw in their eyes inspired and pushed me to work harder and start draw something that meant a lot to me. Something that would get me excited. Something that involved things I love to do.

Swimming in Space
So here's the piece that started it all. My thesis was based off my bucket list (things I wanted to do before I croak). This project made me think more about my future and made me see the world in a different light. My thesis project taught me that I should not be afraid of the future or screwing up in life because that would get me nowhere. I eliminated that fear and viewed things differently. I imagined this world to be colourful, whimsical and humourous. So with this optimistic and excited feeling, I wanted to share this with the audience so that they could picture their future and aspirations in life the same way.

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