March 26, 2014

Art in the Open Interview

Today, the Brampton Arts Council came over to my house to interview me for "Art in the Open". If I do get accepted, it will be a great art opportunity for me to sell artwork every Saturday from June to October. Thus it's very important that I pass this interview! Truthfully my studio is never this neat, but for the sake of great first impressions, I had to clean it! Haha!

The two staff members who came over to my house were Kelly Lewars and Charlene Lavigueur. Since I love presenting my thoughts visually, I prepared documents that would help them visualize what I'll be doing at Art in the Open. If you have to undergo any interview for an art show, preparing these documents prior to your interview can definitely help.

Since it's a key feature that everything I sell must be hand made. I was a little worried that the button maker would be rejected. However, after showing them how to make a button, they said it was totally fine! That's a relief! 

In the end, I believe the interview went by really well. I'm already familiar with Art in the Open because I actually volunteered for the BAC two years ago! I helped out with the event and made sure that the artists were following the right procedures. Although they already know me, I can't tell for sure if I'll get accepted or not. So fingers crossed!

March 5, 2014

Legendary Elf General

This commission was really fun to do since the client gave me a lot of creative freedom on this project. The characters in the background are based on the other MTG token cards that I drew before for the same client. You may recognize them from "Squirrel Girl", "The Beast Within" and "Green Elf".