December 27, 2013

The Beast Within

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Here's another custom Magic token card that I have been 
commissioned to do before the end of 2013! 

December 23, 2013

Process Work: Green Elf

Here's a preview of what goes on behind the scenes. My process work is very simple. It just takes three basic stages!
STAGE 1: Thumbnails
For this particular commission, I had to draw an elf which resembled the client's friend. The necessary details that I had to add within the piece were the squirrel coat of arms and the two swords. I really enjoy this stage of the process because it allows me to draw loosely and freely. I don't have to worry about the details. I just have to make sure that the thumbnails portray what the client may want and that they were understandable. Drawing thumbnails are great composition studies. I always make sure that there is clear directional movement in the composition. You can also use this stage to determine your lighting and shading.

STAGE 2: Line work
Since the client chose the first thumbnail I drew, now it's time for the line work stage! Usually this stage takes some time because now I do have to worry about the details. Right from the beginning, I knew that I didn't want the elf to be wearing some skimpy armor. I wanted her to look appropriate in her battle gear, something that would obviously protect her body. After a lot of googling and looking at art book references, I drew the battle armor you see before you.

STAGE 3: Colour
Finally, the colouring stage. Sometimes I dread this part of the process because it can be a little tricky. However luckily, I already had an idea of what kind of colours I was going to use for this piece. I knew her armor would be green because as an elf she would want to blend with her surroundings. Since the client's friend likes red, I have included hints of that colour on the sword and jewelry.

So there you have it. Pretty basic stuff!

If you wish to request a commission feel free to email me at


December 16, 2013

Spark of Magic

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Although DarkEyv is my D&D character, for almost a year now, I'm still learning the type of character she is. The more I draw her and the more I use her during the D&D sessions, I feel I'm slowly completing the puzzle. Who is she?

DarkEyv's story begins as a level 1 Arcane Magician traveling towards a village called Fallcrest. Her quest in life is to seek out and defeat the evil magician, Kthulhu, who stole her heart and took her memories of arcane knowledge with it. In order to get back what she lost, she aims to study the ways of arcane magic again and confront Kthulhu for his crimes.

I plan to illustrate a comic based on her past soon. So keep watching for more updates. 

December 8, 2013

Electro Addict

"Electro Addict"
This piece was inspired by dubstep & techno songs that I have been listening 
to in my ipod. I submitted this piece for Collective Arts Brewing's Label Series Two. 
Click link to find out more about it: Collective Arts Brewing

December 6, 2013

Adventure Time Competition

Remember that Adventure Time fan art I made a couple of months ago? Well, I decided to put it to good use and submit it to this Tee Design Contest. You could help me win by voting! Here's the link to rate my design: RATE HERE!

I'd really appreciate the support! 


November 28, 2013

Squirrel Girl

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This week I have been commissioned, by a friend of mine, 
to draw a cute squirrel girl for his custom token Magic card. 
It was fun to do!

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Here's one of my sketches that sort of led to the final piece. 
Although this sketch wasn't picked, I feel drawn to colouring her too!

November 22, 2013

Hissy Fit

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Cats can be evil sometimes, I don't understand why I can't be too! :)

November 21, 2013

Letcha Monstah Loose

Finally uploaded this animation online! Should have done this ages ago, but I didn't think I'd ever get a youtube channel. Haha I don't know why.


November 20, 2013

D&D: Strike Roze

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This piece was Dungeons and Dragons inspired, a nerdy game my friends and I play. The character you saw last week was mine and this week is James', my fiancee. His character is actually a male dwarf named Strike Roze, who unfortunately got gender swapped during one of our D&D sessions.  So I guess.. he's Strike Rozah for now? Haha!

Anyway, while making this piece, I had a couple of things in mind... 1) Stick to the art style that's similar to my thesis 2) Use the new colouring technique I learned recently.  I'm fairly happy with it. I'm still experimenting around! So feel free to share any critique you may have.

November 8, 2013

The Day of the Doctor

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13 DAYS left until "The Day of the Doctor" comes out!
What if I told you, I already watched it..

November 6, 2013

Support these Kickstarter Projects

Hey guys. Today I supported a kickstarter project called "Masters of Anatomy". It features a bunch of cool artists and I definitely recommend you helping them out. Make your pledge today and get yourself a copy. There are only 13 days left.

Here's another one which I supported! There are only 7 days left for this one and they haven't reached their goal yet! (eep!) If you haven't watched the first episode of this hilarious show, click the link here: Bee and Puppycat 

October 23, 2013

Torn between Two

(click image to enlarge)

so who would you choose?

October 21, 2013

Canzine Toronto 2013

Yesterday I went to Canzine Toronto 2013, hosted by Broken Pencil, for the very first time. Surprisingly I only found out what zines were just a few days ago (eep!). For those who were like me and didn't know what they were, zines are like homemade small magazines self-published by the artist/writer.  Based on what I've seen yesterday, zines could hold comics, illustrations, poems and stories about absolutely anything. It's pretty cool. Creating zines is an interesting form of expression and are actually very easy to make. Anyone can make them and they also come in different shapes and sizes.

On my way to the event, which took almost 1.5 hours for me to get there from Brampton, I met a random Canzine volunteer named Nigel. He helped me find the place and even gave me his own zine, which was by the way my first zine ever. When I arrived, I got to see a couple of Sheridan peers who were attending or selling at the event. It was really great to see them again!

Behold! A snip-it of what Canzine was like! I should of taken more photos but oh well. It was pretty hot/sweaty inside and the tables were quite squished in together. Next time, I'm definitely not going to use my turtle backpack. It was hard to move through people! And lastly, like always, I took a pic of all the neat stuff I got from the event. If ever, I would definitely go again or perhaps even be a vendor! We shall see.

918 Bathurst Centre
918 Bathurst Centre

October 16, 2013

Impatient Parents

[click image to enlarge]
Wow. Did not see that one coming.

Yeah, this was something my dad randomly blurted out one day.
He felt that I would earn more money as a welder than as an artist.
I can't even imagine myself doing that kind of job!

October 8, 2013

Portal Shoes


"Cake, and grief counseling, will be available at the conclusion of the test."
- GlaDOS

October 3, 2013

Heisenberg and The Bay Harbour Butcher

"My Daddy's a Psychopath"
Walter White and Dexter Morgan
Holly and Harrison

September 30, 2013

Doctor Who Shoes

"All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. 
Where do you want to start?" - The 11th Doctor

September 16, 2013

September 10, 2013

I'm Just Your Problem

This scene is from Season 3 Episode 5 called "What was Missing" from Adventure Time. I just had so much feels for Marceline's song "I'm Just Your Problem" that I had to draw it.

September 3, 2013


 Yup. So we had a zombie date that night. It was spontaneous, cheap and fun.

August 19, 2013

D&D: DarkEyv


Throughout the summer, I've been playing D&D with my friends! The sketches you see here are based on my D&D character named DarkEyv. S(he)'s a level 11 Changeling War Wizard.

Based on the D&D lore, changelings are shapechangers. They are able to assume the features of other humanoids. Although this character's sex is unknown, s(he) has the preference to stay in the form you see above. It is a mixture of different racial traits that s(he) likes. The reason why s(he)'s topless is so that s(he) can transform into other beings easily without destroying his/her clothes.

August 5, 2013

Sketch Dump

Just a bunch of sketches I've done over the past month. These were my face study series so I figured I should put it together under one post.