October 28, 2017

Resident Evil 7 [EP 12 - 13]

 EP 12: The Hidey Holes

 EP 13: Glitch Monstah!
When two people, terrified of anything "horror" related, come together to defeat a frightening game.

Disclaimer: Lots of screaming, drinking and swearing involved.

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Haven't seen the FIRST EPISODE? Click here: EP 1

October 21, 2017

MCX Convention

I would like to thank those who came by my booth and supported my work! It has been a while and now that I'm finally back into the art scene, I can't wait to make more stuff! So keep an eye out on any future convention plans I'll have on my Instagram: @hqagoncillo!

October 14, 2017

MCX Preparation!

I've been working on a new zine called "Living with It"for the past few months. It will be debuting at MCX so come by my booth to check it out! It's when a dark secret slowly consumes you and the truth starts bursting out the seams. It's a 12 page short comic based on a true story. It deals with sensitive topics so I hope whoever gets a copy will enjoy it, regardless!  

Well, see you there!