May 20, 2014

Anime North Prep

This year, I will be selling my artwork for the very first time at Anime North on May 24th 2014, along with merchandise made by the maids of Cafe Delish. The proceeds will be donated to charity!

Do note that the table is NOT at the Comic Market in the TCC. It's actually at the hotel, opposite to this location, called the Double Tree. I will be selling outside the Terrace Room next to where Cafe Delish is taking place. Thus, I'll be dressed as a maid using my maid persona "Nyamo".

Meet me at the Double Tree!
Be sure to pass by and say hello. This merchandise table will only sell on Saturday from 11am - 7pm. It would be super awesome if you could support us. We will be selling 50 limited edition "Cafe Delish 2014" maid prints. Get your print as soon as possible so that you can get yours signed by the maid of your choice!

See you at Anime North!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck on the sale and it's great that you are doing this for charity.