May 6, 2013

Need a New Car

Honestly, I never liked the idea of driving to Toronto. The crazy traffic, ridiculous amount of changing road signs, the parking and worrying about pedestrians/bikers. Sounds familiar? Yeah, it's just something I don't want to deal with. However two weeks ago, I decided that it's time to face it and just drive there because Janice and I had an interview to go to!

Sigh... but what were the chances that my car decided to die on me while I was driving down the highway that day?! It was seriously dangerous. My acceleration pedal wasn't working! You see, my car no longer works normally like most cars. It's like a toy. It needs to be switched on with a button in order to work. Funny thing is, the switch was breaking and I felt the car shutting down on me.

I was surprised that Janice was really calm about it. She was very supportive by giving me tape to keep the switch stuck on. It was pretty funny. Anyway, this story is a happy one. With my car's dying breath, I managed to park at a parking lot. Janice and I made it to the interview on time and it turned out pretty well.

Regardless, it's about time I get a new car. Something that's not made out of plastic and won't get me killed in the near future.

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