April 7, 2014

De Code Adventures

For those who don't know, I currently work at De Code Adventures. It's an awesome place that offers real life room escape games and have a huge board game cafe at the back.

Basically you and your friends will be trapped in a room for 45 minutes where you'll be facing all sorts of challenges and puzzles. The puzzles are pretty sequential so once you solve one, it'll lead to the next and so on until you finally find a key or code to escape. Your team would have to work together, use observational skills and try to make connections with things you find in the room and what's in the room in order to escape.

Currently, we have four themed rooms finished so far, but we aim to have six in total. The current themes are:
De Scientific Code
De Code the Ancient Mystery
Board Game Adventure
The fourth room is called "De Code the Child's Play" which is actually opening this weekend! So I have still to design the fourth photo frame. Illustrating these frames were really fun to do! Since I know what the rooms are like, it was very easy to design them.

If you never tried out these type of games before, I highly recommend you go to De Code Adventures! We're the biggest #roomescape game facility in the GTA. Take advantage of the limited time offer where you can get up to 40% OFF. You can book your team online here: De Code Adventures 


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