February 10, 2014

The Family Tree

For my mother's birthday, I wanted to illustrate something personal and meaningful. Hence, I decided to draw her a family tree! How can it not get any meaningful than that! With this piece, I wanted it to be a reminder that my parents created something really beautiful. Despite the hardships and obstacles they faced in life, they successfully managed to bring us up and I hope this illustration shows how happy we are. Whatever I am today, I owe it to them and I'm extremely grateful for everything they did.

Happy Birthday Mum!


  1. I feel I have seen your art somewhere before, but I can't point it out...! It's simply amazing. Really love the idea of a family tree, and the way you drew it. Amazing colors too. Nice work. Will be watching you !


    1. Sorry for the super delayed reply Karoline. I would like to say thank you so much for the support. I really appreciate it! I checked out your blog and I'm really excited for the Bara comic you're working on.