December 23, 2013

Process Work: Green Elf

Here's a preview of what goes on behind the scenes. My process work is very simple. It just takes three basic stages!
STAGE 1: Thumbnails
For this particular commission, I had to draw an elf which resembled the client's friend. The necessary details that I had to add within the piece were the squirrel coat of arms and the two swords. I really enjoy this stage of the process because it allows me to draw loosely and freely. I don't have to worry about the details. I just have to make sure that the thumbnails portray what the client may want and that they were understandable. Drawing thumbnails are great composition studies. I always make sure that there is clear directional movement in the composition. You can also use this stage to determine your lighting and shading.

STAGE 2: Line work
Since the client chose the first thumbnail I drew, now it's time for the line work stage! Usually this stage takes some time because now I do have to worry about the details. Right from the beginning, I knew that I didn't want the elf to be wearing some skimpy armor. I wanted her to look appropriate in her battle gear, something that would obviously protect her body. After a lot of googling and looking at art book references, I drew the battle armor you see before you.

STAGE 3: Colour
Finally, the colouring stage. Sometimes I dread this part of the process because it can be a little tricky. However luckily, I already had an idea of what kind of colours I was going to use for this piece. I knew her armor would be green because as an elf she would want to blend with her surroundings. Since the client's friend likes red, I have included hints of that colour on the sword and jewelry.

So there you have it. Pretty basic stuff!

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